On 17 May, 2017
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Want More Grip on your Jet Surfboard? Here’s How To Wax It

If you have just purchased a jet surfboard then you will know that sometimes the water can be a little too slippery but there are ways to treat your board so when you do go into different waters, you can have the same level of control from start to finish. The first thing you will want to do is get a surfboard wax remover and some base coat wax. You will also want to pick up some top coat wax as well. You will then want to give your board a base wax, which will cover the mid-section of the board. You will want to make sure that you have plenty of small bumps at this stage because this is what helps to give you that grip and edge when you are in the water.

When you have done this, take some top coat wax and apply it to the same section you applied the base wax. Top wax is much softer but it can help you to keep your board protected and there are waxes that you can apply to the front and back of your board as well if you want to add a higher level of grip.

Of course, jet surfboards can be treated in relatively the same way as a standard surfboard but it is all down to what suits you at the end of the day. You don’t want a board that isn’t gripped enough and you don’t want one that is too slippery either, but it all depends on your surfing style and the way you work the board so keep trying different combinations to see what suits you and always remove the old wax before you go ahead and apply a new coat.