Advantages Portability Efficiency Lowest Maintenance Best in Class Warranty


Surftek Surfboards offer many advantages over conventional PWC's. Our boards are extremely low maintenance, most anyone of almost any skill level can use them (family board), and they are extremely efficient.


Surftek Jet Surfboards are much more portable than traditional PWC's. They do not require a trailer, and can be self-launched with a beach cart. They can also be carried by 2 people, 3 comfortably, and can fit in to the bed of a truck or the back of an SUV.


Surftek Jet Surfboards are powered by a patented fuel injection, 4 stroke, single cylinder Eco-Tek engine. It does not require any mixing of oil and gas, and as 2-stroke engines are being phased out of many areas due to the contamination created by the exhaust and because of high noise levels, you can be assured you will be allowed in to most any waterway.

Lowest Maintenance

Virtually Maintenance Free

Unlike regular PWC's that require constant upkeep and servicing, Surftek Surfboards only require minimal servicing, and is virtually maintenance free.

Best in Class Warranty

Our Jet Surfboards come with a full 1 year warranty against any manufacturer's defects. Combined with our online tech support as well as our 24hr phone tech support, you can be sure that you and your board will always be out Creating Your Wave.