Surftek Stealth Electric

$8999.00 $8999.00

Surftek Stealth Electric Surfboard

Worlds First High Speed Long Range Electric Jet Surfboard

 When surfing comes in contact with modern technology, the result is tremendous reward for you. That is what our Surftek Stealth Electric Surfboard does. This surfboard can be ridden on small and large body of water,  on flat water and in waves and still proffer the acceleration and scintillating experience that you desire while hitting as much as 37 miles each hour. Combined with the state of the art , military technology and the latest in lithium long range batteries, Surftek delivers.

 As an added merit, the surfboard has a high capacity battery which has the power to keep you surfing for up to 90 minutes. Easily charged, the battery has more than 1000 charging life spans.



Material: Carbon Fiber

Size: 1880*610*170mm

Total Weight: 29.5kgs / 63 Lbs

High Capacity Battery: 72V/40A

Battery Weight: 14 kgs / 30 Lbs

Max Speed: 80kgs/ 60 Km/Hr / 37 Miles

Duration at Max Speed: 60 mins

Average Duration: 60 to 90 mins

Max Bearing Weight: 110kgs / 243 Lbs

Battery Material: Ternary Lithium

Battery Replacement: Quick Release

Battery Life Span: 1000 Charges

Charging duration: 60 mins